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Wednesday, August 22, 2012
It has been a long time since I was able to to write, I was able to write the “Alvin Ang Unang Halik” and I wish you would love this next story of mine as you have love the first one.

 I was having a rought ime adjusting at high school, since it’s a new environment and new friends since Alvin had flew to the UK with his family. It was a tiring experience every that I need to ride my bicycle to reach school better than walking I think. Every morning, I would stop by at small bakery near schooll to buy pan de sal as for my breakfast and accompany with a tetra pack of orange juice available at a vendo nearby. Everyday I would also pass by my grandmothers house and say hi to her while she is sweeping the ground full of leaves and burn them afterwards (a typical barrio practice). Then , I would stop at a stop light at a crossing and after then it would be my school. This had been a familiar scene every I go to school.Going to school, become a boring idea for me since Alvin went to UK. No bestfriend and no one to speak with since I like being alone during our time of receess and going back home.

 But one morning a new thing happen, as i have come to stop by ata the smnall bakery I notice a new face that I haven’t seen. A new beautiful sight to see. As I look at the person I could say that he has the looks and the appeal. I think he is at 5’9” in height, clean cut look with but you could notice the waves on his hair, he is that soft light brown colored skin that matches his chinito light brown eyes, trong cheek bone and jaw. I could say that he has that bad boy-type kinda look. And as I look at him, I Noticed that he is also wearing the same uniform that I am wearing. As I buy the pan de sal:


 “Ano yun?” the new guy asked with a sweet smile. what a sight he has that perfect set o teeth and flachy white.

 “ Sampung piso na pan de sal’ I replied with a smile also.

 And he picked a tong to get the hot pan de sal at the box made of foam covered with brown packaging tape to keep the pan de sal hot. Then a curtain shoved open and the owner came out, Mang . And he greeted me, because I am a suki of his pan de sal.

 “ O, Just, ikaw pala yan” as he greets,“dagdagan mo yang pan de sal na isusupot mo, suki natin ‘tong si Just” Then the new guy added up some 3 -4 pce sof pan de sal to mu paper bag.

 “May bago po pala kayong kasma dito sa bakery, uncle (as I call other person not close to family” I asked. And the new guy handed over my pan de sal.

 “Ha? Si Turo?” as he points the new guy with a smile, “ Anak ko ‘to” he proudly adds up. And I just nodded with a question mark in my mind.

 “ Ayaw mo atang maniwala” he laughingly, “Siya yung pangalawa kong anak, di mo lang siya nakikita dito kasi sa tita niya siya nag stay mula ng mamatay ang asawa ko”, he adds up.

 “Turo, si Just, ang masugid nating suki dito araw-araw” as he introduce me to his son “Just, si Turo” and I tried to reach my hand to him while holding the bicycle I am riding and the bag of pan de sal.

 And I just able to say “Hello” and bow a little like a Japanese do when greeting someone.

 Then, off to go to school. Second period came and our homeroom teacher, Mr. Perez, will be the one who attend us since Ms. Calibusao our English teacher is at the hospital. Together with Mr. Perez is a familiar face. It’s Turo.

 “Class you have a new classmate”, Mr. Perez announced as he entered the room, “introduce yourself”

 “Good morning, I am Jose Arturo A. Solano” he said.

 “Ok you may sit beside Mr. Justine Felix.” And I smiled at him as he approaches his sit beside me. Then he reached out his hand and shook my hand and gave that sweet smile I saw earlier.

 “Mr. Felix you would be responsible in helping Mr. Solano with our lessons” Mr. Perez instructed me, and I replied, “Yes sir”

 Becoming friends with Turo has not been a hard task, he had been that Mr. popular since he transferred at our school and he always keeps his feet on the ground. He has that Mr. Perfect guy appeal. he is good at sports and in academics as well and had been a consistent topnotch in our class. I think I have a growing crush on him, ‘cause every time I am with him either having lunch with him, watching movie at home, playing computer game or basketball with him makes me feel that I am special to him. That he would hand over a towel when I am sweaty, hug me when I am scared while watching horror movie, and would share his lunch with mine.

 One night, I decided to go outside, take my bike and try to go around the vicinity since I am not sleepy and no school tomorrow. I decided to take a visit at the bakery and buy some pan de coco, and I saw Turo there, wearing and apron, over his black sando, tending the store. You would notice his good physique since he has an active lifestyle and I think he had develop his arms when kneading doughs at their bakery.

 He asked me where I am going and I replied that I am just taking tour around the vicinity since I am not sleep. He asked me if he can come with me and I said yes he can. He took off his apron and shouted that he would go out to his father.

 He insisted that he want to drive the bicycle and I will sit in front while strolling around. I think we had at least rounds around the area then we decided to stop at the small playground at the park and sat on the swing. He was just there silent as we swing. It was an awkward silence since he is a happy person.

 “Just” he called me while I am munching on the sweet pan de coco bread and my mouth is full. I hasten chewing them and replied “Ano yun?”

 “Masama bang umibig?” he asked out of the blue

 “uhm, di ko alam, pero sabi ni mama sa akin wag muna daw ako mag girlfriend kasi bata pa ako” I said.

 He was there staring at me while I am chewing the last piece of pan de coco. He reached out his hand and wipes the desiccated coconut near my lips. He did not let go of my cheek and he leaned towards me and suddenly kiss my lips. It was so light. It was so sweet. It was so intimate. Then , he let go slowly. I wanna cry in joy. But he asked, “Bakit di ka lumayo? Bakit di mo ko tinulak?”. I didn’t know what to answer but deep inside it was so good.

 “Just , gusto kita, di mo ba nararamdaman iyon?” he asked me. “Hindi ko alam kung kelan nag-umpisa pero nung una kitang nakita sa bakery bumibili ng pan de sal, ninais kong mapalapit sa iyo. Mahal na ata kita” ang sabi niya.

 “Turo, nagging kang mabuting kaibigan sa akin, di ko rin alam kung kelan ko naramdaman na gusto rin kita” ang sabi ko sa kanya tapos sabay buntong hininga. Napatayo si Turo ng marinig ang sinambit koh at parang tuwang tuwa. “Yes, yes, yes” ang masya niyang sigaw. At simula ng gabing iyon mas naging malalim ang aming pagkakaibigan. Higit pa sa pagkakaibigan.

 Madalas na an gaming pagsasama ni Turo, sabay sa pag pasok, \at sa pag uwi at sabay na rin kaming gumagawa ng mga homework naming sa bahay at nung minsan matulog siya sa bahay may nangyaring di ko naisip na mangayayri sa amin.

 Habang nasa kwarto kami nakaupo, gumagawa ng assignment, napansin kong hindi siya mapakali sa kanyang kina-uupuan, tatayo siya, uupo, tatayo pupunta CR, uupo ulit.

 “Hoy, anong ngayayri sa iyo?” tanong ko

 Habang patuyloy ako sa pag sulat sa note book. Nabigla na lang ako ng bigla niya akong yakapin ng mahigpit mula sa likod at sabay halik sa king batok. “May problema ba?” ang tanong ko sa kanya. Di siya sumasagot at patuloy lang sa pagyakap sa akin. At bigla niya akong hinila papunta sa akma sa likurang naming at napa higa kami. Di ko alam kung ano ang nasa isip niya ng oras an iyon, pero ramdam ko ang init ng kanyang katawan. Humarap siya sa akin at tinititigan niya ako ng mabuti, nakakatunaw ang mga tingin. At hianlikan niya ako sa noo, sa pisngi, sa ilong at sa labi. Ang sarap. Marahan pero mararamdaman mo ang init ng kanyang mga labi habang dumadampi sa aking mukha.

 Habang kami ay naghahalikan naramdaman ko ang isang niyang kamay ay lumalakad sa aking katawan. Hinahaplos haplos. Pumatong siya sa akin a parang nalaman ko na ang gusto niyang mangyari sa amin. Unti unti tinaas ko ang kanyang sando at hinahaplos ang kanyang katawan. Ramdam ko ang init ng singaw ng kaniyang katawan. Nakakapaso. parang nilalagnat. At hinubad niya rin ang aking t- shirt. At hanggang sa walnag natirang tela sa aming katawan.

 Heto kami, magkaharap, hubad, naghahalikan, at malayang gumagalaw ang mga kamay sa aming mga katawan. Ramdam na ramdam ko ang isang matigas na bagay na bumubundol sa king harapan. Pababa ng pababa ang aking kamay hanggang sa mahawakan ko ang isang piraso ng laman, matigas, mainit, malaki, at mahaba. Sinimulan kong jakulin ito. “Sige jakulin mo just, ang sarap, sige pa.” sa ganoong pwesto naming para niyang kinakankot ang aking kamay habang payuloy siya sa pag halik sa akin. Sarap na sarap siya sa ginagawa ko sa pag lalaro ko s akanyang matigas na pag kalalaki.

 Di ako nakatiis, tinulak ko siya pahiga at ako naman ang nasa ibabaw niya, hinalikan ko siya sa labi, pababa sa kanyang tenga, leeg, at sa kanyang maipunong dibdib. Hinalikan ko ang mag nipples niya ang dahan dahang sinupsop ang mga ito mna kabila. Dinig na dinig ko ang mga ungol niyang mahihina na tanda na nasarapan siya, ako rin namna sarap na sarap sa supsop sa kanyang mga dibdib, hinawakan niya ang aking ulo at pinipilit tinutulak pababa, at ako naman ay tumalima sa nais niyang ipa hiwatig.

 Pababa sa pusod, at papunta sa mga singit niya itoy aking dinilaan. At saglit akong tumigil para tinging ang kahubdan ni Turo sa aking harapan,. Ang srapa pag mas dama habang nakatitig din siya sa aking at nakangisi na nakakalibog.

 Sinipat ko ang kanyang pagkakalalaki, ang laki, sa ganoong edad naming masasabi ko na ito ay malaki. Hinawakan ko at ito ay nangingintab ng paunang katas na akin naming tinikman. Napahalinghing siya ng sumayad ang dulo ng aking dila sa ulo ng kanyang pagkalalaki. Di ko ito pinatagal, sinimulan kong dilaan ang buong tigas niyang pag kalalaki mula sa puno hanggang sa dulo. Sinubo ko ko ito, at sadyang malaki ata ang kanyang ari at diko it kinayang isubo lahat.

 Ang sarap sa pakiramdam, ang sarap ng aking nararamdaman, malayang ibinigay ni Turo ang kanyang pagkalalaki sa akin. Patuloy ako sa subo sa kanyang burat at naramdaman ko na naninigas ang kanyang mga paa. “ haaaaaa, ayaaaaaan naaaaa” ang ungol niyang malakas at pulit ulit. At hanggang sumambulat ang masagang katas niya, ang dami niyang nilabas, ilang putok din ang kanyang pinakawalan atito ay diretso lahat s aking lalamuan pagkat kanyang pinag duldulan an gang aking mukha kanyang matigas na burat. Ang tamis, ang labnaw, ang sarap ng kanyang katas.

 Iniluwa ko lamang ang kanyang titi ng naramdaman kong ito ay nan labot na. At di ko na rin napansin na ako’y nilabasan ng dahil sa libog ng hindi hinahawakan ang aking burat. Wala kang maririning ulit pagikasatapo nge ksenang iyo ay ang mga malumanay na halikan naming dalawa at kami ay nakatulog ng hubo’t hubad sa aking kama at nababalot lamang ng isang manipis na kumot…